Hi there!

Great that you have taken the time to have a look at my website. My name is Christiaan Triebert, and I am a researcher and (photo)journalist primarily focused on conflict and development. 

Open Source Investigation
As a digital forensics researcher, I am part of both the Bellingcat and Airwars team. As a digital nomad, my place of residence currently fluctuates but I'm regularly in the Netherlands, and other areas for my work. 

Field Work
While I have specialised myself in conducting online open source investigation, I do not merely sit behind my laptop. Over the past few years, I have made journalistic (photo)reportages from conflict areas like Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine.

The digital reconstruction of the Turkish coup attempt won the European Press Prize's Innovation Award in 2017. You can access a list of media coverage in which my work has been featured, though I only update it irregularly (instead I am on Twitter basically every day).

Speaking and Training
I've had the honour to speak at many congresses, educational institutions and media organisations, such as BIRN, Consejo de Redaccion, TEDx (UniversityofGroningen), VRT, and ZDF. I have provided training in factchecking and open source investigation to journalists all over the world, including Colombia, Iraq, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Kyrgyzstan.

Educational Background
I graduated from King's College London's Department of War Studies, after obtaining two bachelor degrees from the University of Groningen, namely International Relations as well as Philosophy of a Specific Discipline. I also followed education in Modern Standard Arabic at both universities. I may do a PhD in the future on the promise and peril of open source evidence.

Contact Information
Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries or questions by e-mail or via social media profiles.

E-mail for digital forensics related stuff: christiaantriebert@bellingcat.com
E-mail for everything else: christiaan.triebert@gmail.com
Twitter: @trbrtc
LinkedIn: Christiaan Triebert

Below is a selection of Christiaan's work, including talks and appearances in (inter)national media. 

Studying on the move (University of Groningen)
How can one combine an academic interest with a passion for travelling? This short report by my alma mater - the University of Groningen - about my hitchhiking trip from the Netherlands to South Africa, and how this was a perfect addition to my academicendeavours.

How talking to strangers can change your life (Discovery)
How a chat with a fellow traveler made me going to Iran with friends, eventually taking a portrait photo of a merchant in an old market. The story of one photograph, visualised and produced by Discovery Digital Networks.

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